Sizing and Fit

General Fitting

Birkenstock footwear is designed to allow your feet to spread out and relax. You should have about 1/4" of space in front of your toes as well as behind your heels, so that your foot has the ability to slide and grip as you walk.

Your feet should fit comfortably within the confines of the footbed, without riding up on the sides. You should be able to slide one finger in between the straps and your skin. The strap closest to your ankle is the one that provides the most security.

If you see a lot of gapping on the sides, you may want to try either the "narrow" width or the soft footbed version (both of which will fit a bit more snugly on the foot).

While these are general guidelines, we find that everyone likes their Birkenstocks to fit differently! We will guide you as best we can, while allowing for personal preferences and individual comfort levels.


On the inside footbed of a Birkenstock sandal or shoe, you will see a little drawing of a foot. This is the only indicator of the width of the shoe. You can also find it stamped on the label on the front of the shoebox.

If you've never owned a pair of Birkenstocks before, we know it can be a little tricky to figure out the correct width.

We like to explain to our customers that Birkenstocks come in 2 widths, a slimmer fit and a roomier fit. A general rule of thumb is that the Narrow is comparable to a women's medium, and the Regular is comparable to a men's medium.

Different pairs and styles may feel like they fit your foot differently, even if they are the exact same size. So it's best if you can try the shoes on in person. That way you can ensure the best possible fit.


There is no perfect translation of American sizes to Birkenstock sizes (or vice-versa). It is always best to be fitted in person if at all possible.

If you cannot come to our store to be fitted for your size, please use the size chart on the left to help determine which Birkenstock size might be best for you.

Remember, "Regular" width items will feel much bigger than "Narrow" width items (even if they are the same size). "Classic" footbed items will feel slightly larger than "Soft" footbed items.

Two different styles may feel like they fit differently, even if they are the exact same size. And enclosed clogs and shoes may feel smaller than a pair of sandals.

As you can see, there are lots of factors to finding your perfect size. We always look forward to fitting you in person whenever we can!

Kids sizing

Get kids feet off to a healthy start with Birkenstock! It's very important for kids to have footwear that supports their little feet, especially as they are growing.

Made with a cork/EVA mixture, kids Birkenstock sandals are thinner and more flexible than their adult counterparts (which are made with a cork/latex mixture).

Keep in mind that Birkenstock kids sandals are only made in the "Narrow" width. If your child has wider feet, Birkenstock may not be the best choice for them.

If it's their very first pair, please make sure the child starts slowly when wearing their Birkenstock sandals. It may take some time to adjust to the cork footbed. As we like to say in our store, "they take a little practice".


All Birkenstock styles do not fit the same. You may not be the same size and width in every single style. Different materials may feel like they fit differently on your feet, even if you're buying the same exact style you've had in the past.

If the footbed size and width looks and feels correct, but the straps are too loose (or too tight), additional holes can be added to the straps as needed. We provide this service in our store at no cost.

We recommend breaking in a new pair of Birkenstocks slowly, especially if you have never worn them before. Start wearing them for 30-45 minutes, gradually increasing your wear time every day. The footbed is typically broken in within 2-3 weeks for most people.